• Why Start Now?


    The short answer is, “Why NOT now?” So many people dream of changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur and being the boss instead of an employee. Millions may share..

  • Big Need - Big Reward


    School, church and community fundraising programs have become stagnant over the years. The same old candy, cookie dough and wrapping paper. How would you like to offer a ..

  • Do you Have The Right Stuff?


    In uncertain economic times, the need for entrepreneurs has never been greater. But we understand taking that first step might seem intimidating. Once you commit we will ..

  • Competitive Advantage


    The HOS Business Model is unique. Combining the latest in technology and marketing provides fundraising groups the power to create a perpetual revenue stream. Greater re..

  • Our Tools and Systems


    Most entrepreneurs develop their own costly suite of business and technology tools to manage their operations. HOS has done this already. Our advanced systems provide you..

  • Training and Support


    As an HOS Alliance Business Developer, you run your company your way. Part time or full-time, by yourself or with a sales force; it’s your choice. Set your own hours, a..

  • Investment To Get Started


    As a HOS Alliance Business Developer, you control and develop your own customers and business. You work as an independent affiliate and have access to all the operational..

  • What is My Income Potential?


    Since almost every school, church and charitable initiative in your region is a potential customer, you have the potential to develop your business however large you wish..