Big Need – Big Reward

School, church and community fundraising programs have become stagnant over the Start A HOS Solutions Fundraising Business years.The same old candy, cookie dough and wrapping paper. How would you like to offer a fundraiser that gives back?

Our discount card program has over 350,000 retailers included. Local businesses can be encouraged to join for free! Your supporters can save hundreds of dollars per year. We’ve made it even easier to use with our mobile app.

Our purchasing portal called Fundazon currently has over 350,000 products available for your supporters. Simply make a purchase, select your school and 50% of the profits from the sale will go to that school.  With every purchase your supporters receive a receipt for a contribution which was made in the name of the purchaser, it is shown on the website as well as on the receipt as proof of their generosity.

There is nothing on the market quite like this!


Is this the right business option for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to start a business that is both personally and financially rewarding?
  • Do you want to be at the helm of running your own turnkey business that can create equity and security?
  • Are you self-motived and passionate about helping others meet their goals?
  • Do you want to leave the suffocating corporate world behind and take control of your future?

If you can answer yes to these questions and are ready to start your own business, please keep reading.

At HOS, we understand that starting your own business can be an overwhelming and intimidating experience especially for first time entrepreneurs. That’s why we provide a comprehensive training and support program that includes manuals, videos and webinars. Personal guidance and interaction with the founders of the company to ensure your success is also provided.

Open for Business Day One

At HOS, we handle all the daily operational logistics and mundane back office tasks of running a small business. This Includes inventory, shipping, billing, software maintenance, website updates and more. This allows you to concentrate on owning and growing your fundraising business. This is why our turnkey and low overhead business model is unique in the fundraising

A Great Business Model for People Who Love Sales and Want to Help

If you have a professional sales or business development background, you could be an ideal biz_meeting2candidate to start and own a HOS fundraising business. Although it’s not a requirement, we have seen firsthand how individuals who have professional sales experience and solid relationship building skills can thrive as HOS owners.

Keep in mind that the most compelling difference between being a sales person for a company and being a company owner is that you own your clients and book of business. More importantly, you can build real value and equity as a business developer through your efforts and hard work. And as an owner you always have the option to sell your customer base as part of your business if you desire to sell or retire.

Do you want to learn more?

HOS is seeking partners who are ambitious self-starters, and want take control of their own destiny by starting and owning a dynamic fundraising business in the growing fundraising industry. We offer an affordable and proven business opportunity with startup costs as low as $19,950 for a complete turnkey business and territory.

Go here now to contact us about receiving more information, and learning the next steps required to get stated in your local area.