Investment To Get Started

HOS Solutions Business Opportunity Investment Building A Winning Team

With a corporate culture committed to helping schools, churches and other fundraisers achieve their goals; we are selective in who joins our team.

We are looking for individuals who are not only willing to make a financial investment, but also a personal one, by committing to the beliefs and goals of our organization. We promise to provide an equal commitment in return,
ensuring our mutual success.

HOS Alliance Business Developer
Investment: $19,950

As a Business Developer you will manage an operating area based on population and other demographic metrics, (School districts, churches, etc.), that you control and develop into your own customer base. You will have access to all operational support tools, marketing materials, website etc., which HOS offers its Developer team members.

Developers will benefit from the ongoing HOS marketing and advertising initiatives. HOS will provide access to a variety of potential customer lists, databases and marketing concepts that will assist in the identification and development of the
operating area. Leads that come in from advertising and marketing will be forwarded to the Business Developer. HOS will also provide sales assistance on any potential nationwide or custom large scale fundraising opportunities.

You will also receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you are successful. This includes webinars, a data base of proven marketing materials, as well as personal training from a principal of the company. This will ensure you are ready to hit the ground running with confidence.

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