What is My Income Potential?

result-imgHard Work Ensures Results

“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything.”

― Vince Lombardi Jr.

What’s My Income Potential with an HOS Fundraising Business?

The short answer is; that’s up to you. Fundraising has been a part of schools, churches and other groups for years, and as
financial resources become more strained, the demand continues to grow. What these groups are looking for is a better
system, and that is where HOS comes in. At the same time, you will be helping these groups achieve their goals which
creates a better community.

How much money can you make? Here is an example for demonstration purposes:

“Regional Developer Don Pass received initial commitment of 10,000 Membership Programs from a school district in
California generating $200,000 in membership sales, $100,000 in donations to the schools and $30,000 in personal earnings from just one group”

Multiple Revenue Streams

As an HOS Business Developer you have the opportunity to develop a business with multiple income channels. Most
successful business owners would agree that having multiple sales programs to offer your clients helps diversify your
business and should increase your income potential.

1. HOS Discount Membership Program
2. HOS “No Cost Fundraiser®” Program
3. HOS Internet Advertising Program

Earn Residual Income

HOS Solutions has invested millions of dollars developing a proprietary technology to help Schools, Churches, and other charitable entities raise funds online via a designated and easy to set up web portal that offers hundreds of thousands of brand name and everyday use products and services. Every time a visitor who wants to help support a fundraiser makes a purchase 50% of the profit from each sale goes directly to the fundraising client.  As an HOS Owner you also will benefit financially from every transaction that occurs on multiple fundraising portals you can easily set up for clients (at no cost to them!) in your assigned territory. Imagine having dozens of income producing fundraising portals operating 24/7 in your area available to loyal users who want to show their support for a local School, PTA, Church, or a Veterans organization.

Our “No Cost Fundraiser®” fundraising program should essentially be a “no-brainer” and risk free decision for fund strapped clients in your area. It is also just one of the proven income channels our program provides for you to develop a recurring revenue stream for you and your family.

Low Cost Investment = High ROI

With a low one-time investment, no franchise fees, no ongoing royalty or advertising fees, and low overhead expenses, the HOS business model provides the opportunity for a fast return on your investment. This is in stark contrast for example; to the substantial investment required and the challenges of achieving a quick ROI on a typical fast food franchise opportunity, retail outlets, motels, etc.

Low Overhead:

Because HOS handles all of the back office operations for you such as inventory, shipping, and billing; you will have virtually no overhead expenses. This is a business model that is ideally suited to be operated as a home-based business eliminating any need for expensive office or retail space. These operational advantages combined will help put more profits in your pocket.

Want to Learn More?

Feel free to contact us now to receive more detailed and no obligation info about business ownership options with HOS. Prime operating regions are still available across the USA.