Our Tools and Systems


Making technology work for you

Most new business owners develop their own costly suite of business and technology tools to regulate
inventory, process orders, keep track of shipments and monitor customer interactions. At HOS, we’ve done all that work for you and much more.

In fact, HOS was founded as a software development and distribution company, so this isn’t a side business for us – it’s our primary area of expertise. We spent years developing proprietary tools and systems at a cost of millions of dollars that will give your business a huge competitive operational advantage.

Convenience and Flexibility

The HOS business infrastructure supports and tracks tens of thousands of orders and shipments. The system provides a complete administrative interface allowing you to monitor all your fundraising groups, as well as all their customers. All the
information you need is at your fingertips no matter how big your business channel grows.

Simplicity is king. Our turnkey system is virtually painless. No more managing pricing, what products to offer, or other tedious tasks. We scan all the big box stores to ensure we are competitive. You have an array of reports and information, that allow you make sure you are on track with growth and development.

Make the most of your work time

With efficient systems and tools from HOS, such as order processing, procurement, shipping, software maintenance and vendor relationships; you’ll have more time to focus on what’s really important … building your business and increasing