Why Start Now?

  • Why Start Your HOS Business Now?

    The short answer is, “Why NOT now?” So many people dream of changing careers, becoming an entrepreneur and being the boss instead of an employee. Millions may share that desire, but only a few will have the courage to take the next step.

    With HOS, you’ll have the
    benefits of a proven business model that possesses
    unique advantages in a growing industry. You will receive training and support, without the
    overhead and inventory costs that normally come with starting a new business.

  • The Time is Right

    We all know the national
    economy has been struggling for some time, and the forecast is for slow growth. However, the one area that has seen the most growth in the last 5 years has been online shopping. Now, you can take advantage of this
    juggernaut before it is too late.

    In good times and bad most schools, churches and charitable groups need money. While
    resources dwindle and costs
    increase, it becomes more
    difficult for charitable groups to accomplish their goals. Why not provide a solution that can help these groups meet their needs, while providing real value back to the supporters? HOS has
    developed the only solution in the industry that actually benefits
    everyone involved. All you have to do is help them start.

  • The e-Commerce Revolution

    It wasn’t long ago that most
    companies and consumers were hesitant about ordering products online. They worried about the security of the transaction and providing their credit card
    information. Today, e-Commerce has become a trusted,
    convenient and preferred method of conducting business. Joining this wave will help charitable groups to get in on the growth at the right time.

    The HOS solutions provide every fundraising group with their own virtual Fundazon, a mega
    e-Commerce store that will take orders 24/7, 365 days a year and handle the product fulfillment, shipping, billing and product
    returns. With your e-Commerce store processing orders efficiently and securely.

Top Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Control Your Own Future

You can stop asking your boss for a raise and give yourself one. You’ll never get downsized or laid off, nor will you be just a number on someone else’s spreadsheet. When you run your own business, there’s no limit to how much money you can make if your business is run successfully. A “job” will never have your best interests at heart. Most jobs offer employees
nothing more than a false sense of security, and a workload that far exceeds their pay. In today’s economy, no matter how hard a person works or how long they have worked for a company, they are expendable. There’s a line of people waiting for most jobs, and they will work for less. Job security is a thing of thepast.

Build Value

If you have to work, doesn’t it make sense to build something for yourself, your future,or your family? Why work for someone else and help make them wealthy? When you own your own business, not only can you earn the income needed to support your lifestyle, but you can create an asset for your efforts. This asset could be worth millions when you retire or it may be passed along to your family. Either way, you can gain much more than just a monthly pay check for your talents.

Perfect Time

There’s never been a less expensive time to start a business. Today’s start-ups run lean and mean thanks to the plunging cost of technology, and a surplus of talent. The lean start-up approach favors developing your business and, getting your products into the hands of customers as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Plus, the stigma of hiring freelancers is gone; allowing start-ups to hire top talent on an as-needed, virtual basis. This lets Business Developers hire better talent with more flexibility and reduce office operational and benefits costs. And thanks to the power of social networking, it’s no longer
necessary to hire an expensive PR firm to generate press. There’s a huge talent pool just waiting to be tapped. There are plenty of executives, bookkeepers, sales reps and other skilled professionals looking for work. Not only can you scoop up top talent at bargain prices,(either as employees or independent contractors), but you may also be able to find someone who’s prepared to roll up his or her sleeves and share the risk.

Choose Your Business Partners, Associate and Customers

How much better would it be to work with people you like rather than being forced to work with someone because they’re in the next cubicle, or in the same department? What about over-bearing bosses? When you run your own business you pick who’s on the team. You get to choose your accountant, your landlord, your printer, your partners, your clients.Everyone in your daily life is there because you decided to put them there. You get to choose. If you’ve worked for the same company for a long time, you’ve probably developed a few close relationships.You may fear being lonely and isolated in the “cold, cruel world.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Starting your own business gives you immediate entrance into a whole new world of fellow sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, eager to welcome you in. There are many networking meetings and luncheons where local Business Developers meet to share ideas, and support each other.

Pride of Ownership

It’s very satisfying to build a successful business and to share that success with your friends and family. Few people actually put their money where their mouths are, and risk their efforts and show the world. Most people just talk about how they can do this or that; and that’s why those who act, get to enjoy the tremendous pride and benefits of the accomplishment.

Find the Right Personal / Business Life Balance

The ability to decide this ever shifting balance can make a significant difference in your quality of life. Being in business for yourself,affords you time to attend your children’s events, and enjoy family vacations on your terms, without asking
permission. No one on their death bed wishes they had spent more time working at the office. Instead, they wished they had spent more time with their families, doing the things that mattered most. Some people are productive working no more than two hours a day, while others need to put in 20 hours a week.Few people operate at their peak productivity of 40+ hours per week without breaks, working for someone else. Being your own boss allows you the freedom to choose the balance best suited for you.

Tax Savings

People need to take the time to look at the 100 plus tax benefits that are available to owners of home based, and small
businesses. You may be able to write off that new laptop, iPad or printer. One of the fringe benefits of running your own home based business is the opportunity to write off or depreciate many legitimate business expenses. Including a portion of your mortgage payment, utility bills, and even furniture may be deducted from your tax liabilities. These legitimate deductions can offer considerable income benefits.