Thanks HOS. It gives me confidence when I see this kind of dedication to customers…

Joel S   

Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising, I always thought school was for learning now it seems to be fundraising, well at least with the HOS program we had success and didn’t spend all weekend to do it; I actually bought a discount card for our family; I some nice discounts I want to use. Thanks,

Tina G   

Thank you Help Our School, your programs were just what we needed and at the right time. Our first fundraiser was for new Basketball uniforms. Raising the money needed was so easy that Band and Football has shown an interest for their departments. I think I also want to say that the quality and dedication shown to insure our program worked speaks highly of the HOS Team.

Catherine A   

I love buying my stuff online and supporting my kids at the same time. I have the kid’s grandparents buying now to which surprised me, but great. I even got our office manager to buy from the HOS online website. The monthly checks to the school is amazing; best part we aren’t spending any more than going to the store… Great stuff… thanks HOS,

Tim J   

One more candy bar sales campaign and my head will explode; both the kids and I are so tired of walking door to door to sell candy bars; frankly we were done! But the Help Our School program was fresh and seemed easy and very doable, and it turned out to be just that. We set up our card table in front of our local Hy-Vee and sold out our entireHOS discount card lot in 45 minutes; and you know it was actually kind of fun; we are going to set up again next weekend. Our school has so many programs that need funds so badly. Thank you again HOS.

Jason T   

Great concept, never seen anything like it, and easy too-nice deal.

Jonathan J   

Dear HOS, we appreciate what you have brought to the table to help us raise funds. We are a poor district and our budget was cut so severely that after we cut pretty much everything from our budget that we could we were forced to do a planned stoppage of our hot lunch program. That was when we found the HOS shopping portal… so simple for the parents, and teachers to use and buy from; and we see monthly checks. Our hope is that shortly we can reinstate the hot lunch program with the success we are seeing. Thank you all for your help getting us started and for the making our school a better experience for our kids.

Margarete P   

Thank you HOS, you may not know it but you saved the Jazz band; we were being cut for the next school year when we found your Card Program. The kids sold these cards over the summer and raised enough money to cause the district to allow Jazz band to continue this year, simply wonderful.

Tony T   

We were frankly skeptical at first, lots of promises, but Help Our School delivered as promised; the best part, it was easy, a win-win for our school.

Kate S   

I love Help Our School, we have made so much for our team, and the parents don’t avoid walking up to us any more, thank you HOS.

Diane S   

Finally something smart to use to raise money for our Band, so tired of wrapping paper, popcorn, and cookie dough.

Sarah B